Friday, February 1, 2013

The Button

Disclaimer: It's an unedited, uncut post that was written in five minutes, non-stop. Grammar and spellings, hence, may be incorrect.

It opened finally. yeah, there was a button. It used to keep closed all the time. The button of my shirt's collar. It was something that people around me tried to change a lot. But somehow I was of the opinion that if there is a button, I should be closing it off. I should be allowed to use it. Once a teached of mine even slapped me for keeping the button closed. The button was open for a few minutes. Until he left the class. And then, it was there again. Then I went to college, and there people told me I was being noticed due to that button. But I didn't pay much heed. Well, not much, but a little. And then somehow, in the second year of college, it changed. It changed almost on it's own. And changed a lot. So much that sometimes, just sometimes, even the second button of the shirt was open too.

Well, I am not the one who keeps the button closed anymore. But at the same time, I don't have a problem if I need to do that. I don't have a problem if I need to wear a tie. I don't have a problem if I have to be closed, confined. But yes, I like it free now, and it's more than a button.

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