Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Uses of Google

Google is not just a search engine. It's much more. Here I have listed some more uses of Google. See if there's some match.

1. To search stuff u have no idea about and don't know where to find.
2. To search stuff that u know no other site (like Wikipedia, Howstuffworks, etc) will have.
3. To pass time.
4. To check if your internet connection is working or not.
5. To pass time in situations where u have Limited internet access.
6. To search your own name.
7. To show off how slow your internet is working.
8. To open Adsense.
9. To open ANY site. I've seen people typing not just Orkut but and similarly all other URLs in Google Search Bar. And the number of people is not One.
10. As Homepage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to use Twitter with Airtel

Finally Bharti Airtel is the first Cellular network that is giving you a chance to send your tweets from anywhere to Twitter. The cost of one tweet is 1 rupee. And I've tested it, it works. So here is how to send tweets to Twitter via sms with your Bharti Airtel mobile phone.

1. If you have a Twitter account, log in to your account and go to the Settings tab in the top-right.

2. Select Devices tab and Register your phone number there.

3. Now you can see a code there, message the code to 53000 from your Airtel phone via sms.

4. Twitter will send you a message saying your account has been enabled. Now you can send your tweets to 53000. They'll be published and 'from txt' will be written below your tweets instead of 'from web' (or whatever device you use).

5. Now u can follow anybody on u r already following by clicking the circular phone sign next to 'Following' on their page or in ur Following list too. This is free after registration.

6. You can go to the same Devices tab again to change further settings.

So happy sms-tweeting. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Made in India

Finally, my dear Venky won Nobel Prize in Chemistry. You know how wonderful he was when he used to study in IISc. My sister was telling me he was such a studious fellow when he was there. My sister, who lives just next to IISc for some 15 years now. She met Mrs Ranga in the Malleswaram market yesterday who told her that her husband, a professor in IISc had once saw a guy in library who looked juuust like Venky. So studious, indeed.

I even read Venky was born in Chidambaram... apna Tamilnadu, the place I used to think of as Madras when I was little, but that was when I was really very little, in school. Though Sharma uncle still thinks the same. Because his daughter did her engineering in Noida only, and now she's working in Gurgaon. But I studied in Vellore, same, Tamilnadu. And I am proud of my college and Tamilnadu. And so, of Venky.

Well, that's my direct connection with Venky. But then, there is a bigger, broader connection. Of India. I know Venky is proud of India, his country, our country. I read in the newspaper today only. My mother told me he will come back to India one day, just like Shahrukh Khan did in Swades. But I said I didn't think he would, because that happened in movies. People rarely came back to India in real life. And then mom thought and said I was probably right. But she was happy to read that Venky was proud of being an Indian, even while staying in America. He told the newspaper people he was making his country proud there.

Indeed he was. He is. The best part is that his name is Indian. And wherever he goes, whatever he does, he will remain Indian. He cannot be an American. Because he loves India. Because he is proud of India, of being Indian. Because we won't let him become American. Not after he has won that Nobel. For us. For India. Our land. His land.