Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank You Sachin

Time doesn't stop. It didn't stop for Einstein, or for Gandhi, nor for Jagjit Singh and Steve Jobs. And it won't stop for Sachin Tendulkar either. But some people will feel that it has stopped, for them. Cricket won't end, but for some, it will. Some will stop watching it. I'll be one of them. I don't know if this will be forever. Maybe I'll watch again when he's a coach. Maybe I'll watch when Arjun comes on crease. And maybe I won't. Maybe none of these ever happen. Nothing is certain.

But what is certain is that I'll not forget what I felt over the years. I'll never forget the way Flintoff paid for his words, or the dreams Shane Warne talked about, or the hooks off Shoaib Akhtar that Sachin sixed and Sehwag copied. They'll remain with me till I die, unless some dementia takes them away from me.

Thank you Sachin. I have not yet, nor can or will try to think how cricket will be without you. Maybe I never see it at all. But you played the first cricket match I ever saw. And I'll see the last cricket match you ever play.

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