Monday, August 20, 2012

Write about the Right in the Right Place

RTE. Right To Education.

Have you heard about it? I am more or less sure that you have. But where do we all get to know about the RTE? Mostly in Newspapers, a few magazines, blogs etc.

All the places that are untouched by those for whom the RTE exists. Because they're the ones, who cannot read, or if they can, they do not reach these high level media.

So here is the question, how to let those-who-need-it-the-most know about RTE?

A simple suggestion is, mass media. Let it be known in every home through the mass media that is Doordarshan and All India Radio.

And other than that?

We can tell about the RTE to the very targets of RTE. Kids.

We can have chapters about RTE in the syllabus, say, from V standard or so, so that every kid knows about his or her basic right, and the very schools who might be a block in the RTE would be assigned to teach it. Of course, it is not as easily done as it's said, but even if every kid has written about RTE in her books, the average knowledge of a kid about the RTE will be much more than it presently is. And that CAN make things much better, provided the NCERT and others are able to make every kid understand how important RTE is for them and kids around them.

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