Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time to Blog

Today I reached a completely new phase of my life. I haven't yet got married, have a job for some two and half years now, and almost everything was running fine with me until when I ran into the nearby barber's shop to get my then horrible hair cut today AND realized that suddenly the number of grey hair in those falling was so much that I could probably not count.

And then, almost the whole of my life came up in front of my eyes as a flickering stream, at a slightly slower speed than they show in movies. Like, I have lived only a few years out of home, I don't yet earn a fortune and haven't bought even an iPod for myself; as for hobbies, I have barely crossed a hundred mark in books read and the number of movies I have seen won't be beyond 500, which is probably a lenient estimate.

And then, I could see my future, quiet, normal, full of tensions of daily life, and my hair getting greyer with them, and one day reaching a stage where I will not be able to do much of the things I wanted to do.

No, I haven't yet decided on what to do with myself so that things can be better, but somehow, one thing was clear, that dyeing my hair black was certainly NOT going to help. I don't even know how permanent or temporary these thoughts are, but I know that the thoughts have hit my mind and even if they don't do much, they WILL make my hair greyer.

Now all I can wish is that while my hair will keep on growing grey, and more visibly so in future, the next time I hit a realization, I have more on my plate, and that not in terms of money or any other numbers, but in terms of satisfaction for the grey hair.

Wish me luck.

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