Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Itch

So I'm writing. After a long time, I guess. Not like I have not written anything for such a long time, but whatever I have written in all this time was not really writing. It did not come out of that itch that the hand feels when it has not written for long. Instead it mostly came out for the reputation I think I have established among the online Hindi music junkies. The reputation actually exists or not, I have never tried to assess, though what I have been able to confirm is that I have my presence across the webliophilic websites of the world. I don't really know what I should talk about here, or what I want to talk about, so since I have been thinking about the itch of hand, let's continue on that. This itch is a strange thing. It does make you write, but it doesn't generally give you enough matter to write a small essay on. I mean, mostly one can write a small paragraph out of it, and then it stops. Even worse, when you start writing without 'the itch', the itch almost does not surface. Not easily. And the result is that you keep writing for these things, while most of the times, 'the itch' was the main reason you started writing in the first place. And thus, due to lack of 'the itch', the flavor that existed in what you wrote, goes. Many times. So it's an important, very important duty of yours to maintain that itch in whatever ways possible. Whether you need to take breaks, or need to go out of your regular zones, mentally or physically, or just think a little out of the box or cubicle or sphere. And yes, while it's not easy to maintain that itch, there are the other type of people too, who make the mistake of not writing when their hands feel 'the itch'. For them, a strict warning and a humble request, please write, irrespective of the time you can find, because if the itch goes, it may never come, and you might actually feel an itch to bring it back when 'the itch' is no more.

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