Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Uses of Google

Google is not just a search engine. It's much more. Here I have listed some more uses of Google. See if there's some match.

1. To search stuff u have no idea about and don't know where to find.
2. To search stuff that u know no other site (like Wikipedia, Howstuffworks, etc) will have.
3. To pass time.
4. To check if your internet connection is working or not.
5. To pass time in situations where u have Limited internet access.
6. To search your own name.
7. To show off how slow your internet is working.
8. To open Adsense.
9. To open ANY site. I've seen people typing not just Orkut but and similarly all other URLs in Google Search Bar. And the number of people is not One.
10. As Homepage.


  1. 11. to find out what others search for, by using the suggest feature
    12. to open a blocked page by opening the cached version(may not always work)
    13. dictionary :)

  2. @ninad:
    This is 1st part of my series of 10 posts. I'm gonna put 100 uses this yr. ;)

  3. @Tejas

    Thanks a lot. n I'm trying to put in ur suggestions. guess I'll be able to do it properly on weekend..

  4. I just used Google search today for addition. I had lots of space seperated numbers which I wanted to add. Just replaced space with '+' and pasted the whole thing in the Google search bar. And it worked!

    -Sameer :D

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