Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oops! This time i missed something. And it wasn't SOMETHING actually. It was the common entrance test form for admission to the indian institutes of management.

Well, it was my mistake completely. I didn't see that the last date of getting forms for the CAT from banks was 8th august. I just saw the last date of submission and reached bank to find later that the guard there was better informed than i was.

Well, the result will be that now i won't be able to take the exam and will have to stay with tcs. Now i'm waiting more eagerly for my joining date.

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  1. Nothin strange bhai............aap TCS ke Test me bhi to so rahe the to fir ye kya hai.arre yeh Kumbh thode hi hai jo 12 saal me ek baar aaye.agle saal fir aayga.